We invest in talented teams – pushing their strategy and focus – because good people make great business.



Our partners are focused in areas that have not reached the potential of telling trends. We have the courage to lead and not follow the herd to find these opportunities.



We want to be best in class and known for being quality investors and quality operators. You can trust and never have to second guess the experience you will have with us.



We value being thought leaders in the investments and projects we take on. Our partners share this value.



We are true partners – not just capital providers. We roll up our sleeves and make an active effort to understand and contribute to the opportunities/ businesses we invest in. We can learn from them and they can learn from us.

Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities. Generally most investment funds have rigid, unforgiving parameters. We don’t, and will work with everything from a start-up to an established business. For us, it’s about the people we are partnering with and our level of comfort with the partnership.

Rundle House Rundle House

Where we invest – and where we don’t

When it comes to investing, we know exactly what interests us and what doesn’t. We always begin by looking for exceptional management teams that bring talent and an entrepreneurial spirit to their work.

We Do

Specifically, we seek out value creation catalysts such as:

  • Industry that is in a trough, with recovery anticipated in the future
  • Industry that is expected to benefit from a fundamental secular tail wind
  • A credible business plan that will significantly expand its EV
  • Stranded assets with a higher and better use identified
  • An under performance situation that can be rectified
  • Low EV/EBITDA that allows a good rate of return without relying on growth

We’re most interested in deal sizes of $5M – $50M of equity investment.

We Don’t

We also know what’s not the right fit for us, which is why we don’t invest in:

  • Casinos
  • Recreational Marijuana
  • Exposure to partially funded business plans
  • Companies with pre-commercialized technology
  • Companies with “soft” value propositions to customers
  • High valuations with “hockey stick” bets on growth
  • Companies with competition they can’t compete against

This understanding of where our investments can have the most impact helps us create maximum value for everyone involved.

With a portfolio that spans countries and economies, our teams and stakeholders are fluent with local knowledge while bringing best practices from other corners of experience.