We see value where others don’t.

We find the potential in people, industries and assets, and work with them to create opportunities for all our stakeholders, with an enhanced experience for customers and end users.

We build businesses.

We provide stable, patient, focused capital to support our partners and the redevelopment of assets and businesses so they can achieve their full potential.
We form partnerships with experts in the industries where we invest, while bringing in fundamental know-how and capital.
We are a family business who values strategic partnerships and a commitment to doing what’s right both now and over the long term.

What we look for

We are structured to partner with entrepreneurs to grow their business – and excel their vision and drive – to capture next-level growth. Each investment and strategy is unique, but there are some common threads in all of our investments:

We invest in a talented team – pushing their strategy and focus – because good people make great business.
Our partners are focused in areas that have not reached the potential of telling trends. We have the courage to lead and not follow the herds and find these opportunities.
We want to be best in class and be known for being quality investors and quality operators. You can trust – never have to second-guess – the experience you will have with us.
We value being thought leaders in the investments and projects we take on. Our partners share this value.

We see opportunities.

Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities. Generally most investment funds have rigid, unforgiving parameters. We don’t, and will work with everything from a start-up to an established business. For us, it’s about the people we are partnering with and our comfort with the partnership.

With a portfolio that reaches a variety of countries and economies, our teams and stakeholders are fluent with local knowledge while bringing best practices from other corners of experience.

Our Team

Great teams don’t just happen. Hard work and thoughtful leadership has created a team that fits together seamlessly, like pieces of a puzzle. We have a long track record of building stable, well-run and profitable businesses – for all of our invested stakeholders.

Our Governance

We are a family-owned business who respects, values and listens to the input, governance and direction from our board of directors. Our board is comprised of experts in the key industries where we invest, along with family members who share our vision and values for Hokanson Capital. We run Hokanson Capital according to the same, exacting standards as a public company and expect our partners to do the same.

Contact Us

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Edmonton, Alberta   T5J 5C6
P. 780.702.0875
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